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The climate in Pakistan during springtime- is generally a varied mix with temperatures ranging between 15° - 20° C.

For site seeing tours, flat shoes are suggested. Medium to lightweight clothing is recommended, which should include a jacket, raincoat and umberella.

Dress is generally smart casual, but there will be social event where semi-formal dress is appropriate.

As the sunlight is strong, sunglasses and sun block are essential.

Tap water is not safe for drinking. Bottled mineral water is easily available.

The Rupee, divided into 100 paisas is the main currency with the highest denomination beign Rs. 5,000.

You may change money at various banks and registered money changers. Credit cards are accepted by most businesses.

Weight meausres is the metric system which is offically used in Pakistan i.e. Kgs..liters and kilometer.

Liquor is prohibited by law, however, foreign visitors are allowed to bring one bottle each for their own personal consumption.

Electric voltage is 220 AC.

Time Zone is GMT + 5 Hours throughout the year.

Travel insurance is strongly advised. This is the responsibility of the registrant in their own country, and should include the full period of travel to and from one's country.

Accompanying spouses will be welcome at the Show and alternative activities can be suggested if required.


Visa is required for all tourists and visitors.